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Back Pain

Dr. William Schopp PT, DPT, CF-L1, TPI, TRS-C,
Owner and Founder of The Movement Schopp

Are You a Sports Enthusiast or a Physically Active Adult Experiencing a Hindrance Due to Back Pain?

A Personal Message From William Schopp

If any of these questions resonate with you and your answer is “Yes,” then you have landed in the right spot!

It is a widespread belief that back pain is trivial and will resolve on its own. It is also common to attribute it to “sleeping awkwardly” or consider it a universal problem that everyone experiences at some point in their life.

If you find yourself in this situation, you are not alone, and we frequently encounter such cases.

Back pain among runners and athletes is a prevalent issue that we often encounter at our clinic.

Before Visiting the Movement Schopp, Numerous Patients Experiencing Back Pain Are Advised…

The Reality of Back Pain Concerning Runners and Athletes Is…

“ Our Objective Is to Aid Runners and Active Adults in the Torrance Region to Recover From Injuries and Emerge Stronger Than Ever Before, Without the Need for Medications, Injections, or Surgery, All While Avoiding Unnecessary Time Off.”

Given the numerous options available, it can be daunting to determine the appropriate course of action when dealing with a back injury.
All the while, the physician advises you to rest and consume medication.

When It Concerns Resolving a Serious Issue Like Back Pain and Stiffness…

Selecting the appropriate healthcare provider is crucial for addressing something as serious as back pain and stiffness.

If you don’t, you may end up undergoing hazardous surgery (when it wasn’t necessary) or becoming reliant on addictive pain medication for the rest of your life. It’s essential to receive the “least-invasive”, most natural treatment to stop your back pain and stiffness and prevent it from recurring.

To achieve that, you need a provider who isn’t just focused on treating the pain but is also willing to investigate WHY the pain occurred in the first place.

This is when you’ll receive a PERMANENT solution to your problems.

The Movement Schopp 3-Step Method Offers a Hands-on Approach to Improve Your Overall Wellness.


Identify the Root Cause of Your Pain
Our comprehensive biomechanical assessment will pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain. We’ll then provide a clear explanation of what needs to be done to help you recover fully and return to the activities you love.


Address Your Problem Areas
We’ll create a personalized treatment plan to focus on your specific needs and goals. By addressing your problem areas directly, we’ll help you become stronger, and pain-free, and achieve your objectives more efficiently.


Achieve Your Peak Performance
After we have successfully helped you become pain-free and returned to your exercise routine, we will guide you toward achieving even greater levels of performance than before. We will also provide you with strategies to strengthen your body, making it less susceptible to future injuries.

Get Rid of Your Back Pain for Good and Prevent It From Recurring!

At The Movement Schopp, we can assist you in…

  • Resume running and exercising without requiring prolonged breaks.
  • Pursue your records or take your workout to the next level.
  • Turn your pre-injury lifestyle into today’s reality.

Our top-performing clients are those who are motivated and determined to regain their active lifestyle, even if they feel stuck at the moment.

You shouldn’t have to give up the activities you love due to issues that can be resolved.

Schedule a time to talk with us about how you can regain your sense of self and feel like yourself again.


William Schopp

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About The Movement Schopp In The South Bay, CA

100+ 5-star reviews

- Tiff K.

Could not recommend these guys enough. I came to them due to lower back pain that limited my ability to work out and even do day to day things such as getting up from the couch without support. You can tell the heart these guys put into their work and care for their patients. I’ve seen a number of PTs over the years and none have been able to get me to the place I am now. They check in with you to see what kinds of things you want to get back to being able to do and work through it with you. You will not regret working with them, I truly enjoyed every session I went to! Ricky and Will are the best in the business!

- Daniel M.

I went to William for back pain I’ve been having for years and within my first visit he was able to help relief the pain so much. I’ve continued going to William to strengthen my back and while working on my back, he noticed my shoulder was very stiff and was able to help me with that pain that I just thought was normal. If you’re hurting or in pain or just want your body to feel better , go to William, he will help change your life