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a man hitting a tennis ball with a tennis racquet.

Golf Like You Mean It

Are you someone who golfs with pain? Is your golf game a little lackluster? Well, keep reading my friend. As golf has become increasingly popular

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a woman squatting on a barbell in a gym.

Should I Exercise During Pregnancy?

Most often, the answer is YES! Physical Activity during pregnancy IS recommended. Current guidelines suggest that all women without contraindications should be physically active. This

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a man kneels down as another man kneels down on a bench.

Should I Get An MRI??

This is one of the most common questions I hear. My short answer is: it depends, but most likely not. Let me explain. Oddly enough,

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a man in a blue shirt and a man in a green shirt.

The Human Alarm System

It’s been a while since writing a blog, but this is because I was busy learning everyday on my awesome last internship. One thing I

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Explaining Pain

Everyone has experienced pain at some point in their life, but what is it? This is a huge topic in the research world and is

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Sleep and Wellness

“Sleep is like nutrition for your brain. It’s as important as eating a healthful diet and getting plenty of exercise.” – Denise Amschler Sleep is

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a lifeguard tower sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean.

Know Your Body

Hey everybody, Firstly, welcome to my new page, The Movement Schopp. Here, I will post about current topics to inform people know your body common

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Dr. Katy Rush

Dr. Katy Rush

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