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Shoulder Pain

Dr. William Schopp PT, DPT, CF-L1, TPI, TRS-C,
Owner and Founder of The Movement Schopp

Are You Feeling Frustrated By Shoulder, Back, or Hip Pain Hindering Your Active Lifestyle?

The Movement Schopp in Torrance offers physical therapy for the everyday athlete, which could be the ideal solution for those who are constantly held back from leading an active lifestyle due to frustrating shoulder, back, and hip pain.

Our team can help you fix any issues that are preventing you from living the lifestyle you love, so you don’t have to sacrifice it.

If you can relate to this, don’t worry – you’ve come to the right place! We understand how frustrating dealing with shoulder, back, or hip pain can be, and we’re here to assist you with our everyday athlete physical therapy treatments in Torrance.

Ever since the onset of your pain, you may have felt like you’re not your usual self. You’ve had to put a hold on parts of your life that you enjoy, such as exercising, sports practice, or keeping up with your loved ones. However, shoulder, back, and hip pain should not hinder you.

As the pain persists, you may start feeling more and more defeated. You may even wonder if this is how you will feel forever and whether you’ll have to cope with it for the rest of your life.

The answer is no. Despite what you may have been told in the past, there are solutions to your shoulder, hip, or back pain that will enable you to resume living life on your terms.

One of these solutions is everyday athlete physical therapy, which is available right here at The Movement Schopp in Torrance.

Regarding Shoulder, Hip, and Back Pain…

It’s crucial to find a provider who is experienced with your specific pain issue and understands how to address the root cause to discover a solution. Otherwise, you risk wasting time and money, and potentially worsening the problem – something you want to avoid!

You’re tired of limiting yourself and having rest while the rest of the world continues without you. The pain has caused you to feel disconnected from your life.

This is not the way to live!

Despite thinking that there is no viable solution for you, we’re here to prove you wrong.

Before discovering The Movement Schopp as a solution to your shoulder, hip, or back pain, you’ve likely attempted various methods to alleviate the pain, but they haven’t quite worked out.

Perhaps You've Tried…
The Reality Is…

You may be pondering, “I’ve exhausted all of these options, does this imply that I’m beyond hope?”

The response is: no.

Rather, physical therapy at The Movement Schopp may be advantageous to you.

We deliver on our promise of identifying the underlying cause of your shoulder, hip, or back pain, through our physical therapy in Torrance and determining the best approach to provide you with the relief you’ve been searching for.

That’s correct.

No more letdowns. No more empty promises. No more fruitless endeavors in finding relief.
With us, you’ll be able to resume your active lifestyle without any restrictions or limitations.

What Sets The Movement Schopp Apart From Others?

After informing you of the best solution for your shoulder pain, you may be wondering:

“What makes The Movement Schopp the ideal option for treating my shoulder pain? Will it yield long-term benefits? Can I expect to achieve the desired outcomes?”

The response is YES.

At The Movement Schopp, we ensure that your Torrance physical therapy treatment for rotator cuff problems, neck pain, or shoulder pain at The Movement Schopp is a worthwhile investment.

Unlike other treatments, we don’t merely provide you with a few exercises or stretches to practice on your own and then send you on your way.

At The Movement Schopp, we collaborate with you. Our ardor lies in assisting our patients in achieving the ultimate objective of finding relief from their shoulder pain.

Following an assessment of your condition and a discussion of your medical history, we develop a personalized treatment plan exclusively designed for you and your shoulder pain. We acknowledge that shoulder pain is unique to the individual experiencing it and that there is no “one size fits all” solution. That is why our customized treatment plans are the ideal choice for addressing your shoulder pain.

From there, we embark on a joint journey to heal your shoulder pain and help you finally attain the relief you have been tirelessly seeking.

With our team of Torrance-based physical therapists specializing in shoulder pain, we guarantee that you will find the relief you have been searching for. This will enable you to resume…

  • Exercising at the intensity that suits you best.
  • Sleeping soundly at night and having adequate energy to be productive the next day.
  • Keeping up with your children, grandchildren, and the demands of daily life without the fear of aggravating your shoulder pain, now that you have gained the expertise from us to prevent its recurrence.

We value your objectives and will collaborate with you to achieve relief and restore your passion for an active lifestyle.

If you wish to discover more about how The Movement Schopp can assist you in alleviating your shoulder pain and regaining your zest for life, contact us TODAY to inquire about our availability for shoulder pain physical therapy in Torrance!

There are solutions available to you, so don’t spend any more of your life enduring shoulder pain needlessly.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About The Movement Schopp In The South Bay, CA

100+ 5-star reviews

- Denise P.


For 20 plus years I have struggled with knee issues and have seen my fair share of physical therapists.I had become accustomed to pain. Then I met William and in one month I am pain free and doing moves I would never have attempted. His knowledge and skills have far surpassed anyone I have worked with! I am so thankful! Oh

- Elissa D.

My experience at the Movement Schopp was incredibly enlightening with a productive result. The information about what was happening physically was generous and a sustainable plan of action to maintain my recovery success has been invaluable. Special thanks for Chelsea’s great care. Cheers to Movement Schopp founder William for his vision.