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Inspired By Silent Sports: The Beginning

silent sports

There’s something special about those silent sports that are done in nature, solo, and driven by a pure desire to better yourself.

No crowds, just you in your thoughts.

The Silent Sports: running, surfing, Crossfit, functional fitness, hiking, etc.

A counter gym culture to use your fitness as a vehicle to do the things you love.

For us, this is what it’s all about.

That’s why we wrote our 2 eBooks for runners and Crossfitters/Functional Fitness Athletes as a free resource for you. Here are the links to download them below:

eBook for Runners

eBook for Crossfitters/Functional Fitness Athletes

I’ve never been one to train consistently for a specific event. They all feed into the same goal: Optimal Human Sustainability for life.

Crossfit to build strength and resiliency for hiking, trail running, and surfing. Hiking and trail running to push endurance and spend time in nature. And surfing for my soul and to do what I enjoy most, being in the water.

We all have the “Silent Sport” we love to do. Steven Pressfield put it nicely in his book The War Of Art, “If you were feeling really anxious, what would you do?”

This is our escape pod to freedom. But in order to continue to do these activities, we need to prime our body and mind to stay free from injury and perform at optimal levels (which are relative to each of us as individuals).

So, what does it mean to use the field of performance Physical Therapy to optimize your human sustainability?

To us, it means creating the best internal ecosystem for your body & mind to thrive over a lifetime in any given situation.

That is why our goal goes well beyond getting people out of pain. That’s actually the easy part. And to be honest, we can push through pain for a long time before we take action to change it. But why do we we wait so long while our problem festers or even gets worse over time?

What we really need to find out is why’d it happen in the first place? Or the more common question, why does it keep happening?

Why isn’t it getting better? How well are you eating? Are you over/under training? How well/long are you sleeping? How well are you recovering? How are your stress levels? How are your movement mechanics and mobility?

It is much simpler to treat a problem of fitness than a problem of health.

An over use injury is one thing and something we commonly treat, but what happens when these issues start affecting our every day life? Going up/down stairs, sitting in our office chair, driving to work, etc. Those are things we need as a baseline to function in life, let alone to be able to do the things we love like run and workout!

Our friends over at ICE Physio say it best, “Live long, die fast”.

To some this can be a morbid thought, but to not think it would be foolish. Live a life full of adventure, unrestricted by pain or other (often preventable) chronic health problems. Then when our time comes, and it will, so says the stoics, let it end quickly after a long, fulfilled life.

So ask yourself these questions.

Is your current lifestyle a reflection of the life you are meant to live?

Where do you see yourself in a year if nothing changes?

Here’s a free resource for you to get started if you are a runner, or have been wanting to start running more.

Download our free eBook “3 Best Exercises To Avoid Running Injuries” here.

Download our free eBook “Top 5 Mobility Drills for the Crossfit Open” here.

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Thanks for reading and as always, Build A Better You!

Dr. William Schopp PT, DPT, CF-L1, Cert-CMFA

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