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8 Ways To Increase Club Head Speed

8 Ways To Increase Club Head Speed


Increasing your club head speed in golf is a surefire way to improve your game, enhancing both your drive distances and your overall performance on the course. In this blog, we’ll explore what club head speed is, why it’s crucial, and provide eight practical tips to help you increase club head speed.

Whether you’re an average golfer, an amateur, or even a senior player, these strategies will help you unlock new levels of performance and drive competitors with maximum power.

What Club Head Speed Is And Why It’s Important In Golf?

Club head speed, often measured as the velocity of the golf club at the moment of impact with the golf ball, is crucial for determining the ball’s distance and trajectory. This club speed is a vital element in achieving maximum speed and energy, translating into longer and more powerful drives—key advantages in the golf industry.

For amateur golfers and professional golfers alike, increasing average club head speed, which encompasses average driver speed and average golf swing speed, is essential for minimizing strokes on the course. Enhancing this aspect of your swing in golf not only improves your powerful golf swing but is pivotal for every skill level seeking to elevate their game.

8 Ways to Increase Club Head Speed

Improving your clubhead speed is not just about swinging harder but learning how to increase club head speed by optimizing the mechanics and power of your swing. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned pro, here are eight effective strategies how to increase clubhead speed, enhance straight shots, and perfect your attack angle.

Tee The Ball Higher

8 Ways To Increase Club Head Speed

How Teeing The Ball Higher Can Increase Club Head Speed

Teeing the ball higher allows the club to strike the ball at a more upward angle, reducing friction and increasing both launch angle and ball speed. This adjustment can lead to a considerable improvement in driving distance, maximizing your distance potential.

Practical Tips On How To Effectively Tee The Ball Higher

  • Use tees that are slightly longer than standard.
  • Experiment with tee height at the driving range until you find the sweet spot that works best for your swing.

Move The Ball Further Forward In Your Stance

Benefits Of Moving The Ball Further Forward In Your Stance

Positioning the ball further forward in your stance can help you make contact with the ball later in the swing, leveraging the increasing speed of your club head. This setup benefits your angle at address and promotes straighter shots.

Tips On How To Properly Position The Ball In Your Stance

  • Align the ball with the inside of your lead foot for long irons and woods.
  • Practice with different ball positions to find the optimal spot for your swing, using a regular setup.

Turn Your Toes Outward For Greater Hip Mobility And More Speed

Role Of Hip Mobility In Increasing Club Head Speed

Greater hip mobility allows for a wider range of motion and more powerful rotation during the swing, directly contributing to increased club head speed. Improved body control and positioning can significantly affect speed at impact.

Suggestions On Exercises And Practices To Improve Hip Mobility

  • Incorporate dynamic stretches such as leg swings and hip rotations into your routine.
  • Practice yoga poses like the warrior and pigeon pose to enhance flexibility.

Take Your Pre-Round Stretching More Seriously

Importance Of Pre-Round Stretching In Enhancing Club Head Speed

Effective stretching warms up the muscles, increases flexibility and balance contributes to a more powerful and efficient swing, and reduces the risk of injuries. This is especially beneficial for senior golfers and those looking to maintain a consistent golf swing.

Recommended Stretching Exercises For Golfers

  • Dynamic stretches targeting the shoulders, back, and legs.
  • Static stretches post-round to aid in recovery.

Build Up Your “Golf Muscles”

Key Muscles Involved In Golf Swing

Stronger muscles in the legs, core, and upper body can significantly increase the power of your swing. Glute muscles, in particular, play a crucial role in achieving explosive movements and maximum power.

Recommended Exercises To Strengthen These Muscles

  • Weight training focusing on squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.
  • Specific golf exercises like rotational medicine ball throws and band movements.

Use a Lighter Shaft

8 Ways To Increase Club Head Speed

How Using A Lighter Shaft Can Help Increase Club Head Speed

A lighter shaft reduces the overall weight of the club, making it easier to swing faster and with more effortless speed.

Tips On Choosing The Right Golf Club Shaft

  • Consult with a professional to match the shaft flex and weight to your swing style.
  • Test different golf shafts to see which enhances your swing speed without sacrificing control.

Use a Longer Shaft

Benefits Of Using A Longer Shaft

A longer shaft can increase the distance the club head travels in a swing, creating more potential speed at impact.

Considerations When Choosing A Longer Shaft

  • Ensure that the added length doesn’t compromise your ability to hit the ball squarely.
  • Work with a club fitter to find the right balance between shaft length and control.

Shorten Your Backswing

How Shortening Your Backswing Can Increase Club Head Speed

A shorter backswing can lead to a more controlled, efficient, and faster swing as it focuses on utilizing the “whipping” action of the club.

Practical Tips On How To Effectively Shorten Your Backswing

  • Focus on keeping your leading arm straight and stopping the backswing once your hands are just above shoulder height.
  • Practice drills that emphasize a compact swing to develop muscle memory.

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By incorporating these strategies, you can significantly increase your club head speed and transform your golf game. Aside from the tips mentioned here, you should also consider incorporating speed training protocols such as the compass drill or the 3-step drill into your workout routine. These will specifically target muscle power and rotational power, essential for boosting backswing speed and overall arm speed.

Remember, consistent practice and correct body position during body rotation are essential to seeing improvement in your average swing speed. Start integrating these golf swing drills into your routine and achieve golf swings that are further than ever before.


Does strength increase swing speed?

Yes, strength training can significantly impact your swing speed by building the muscles involved in your swing, which is crucial for professional golfers aiming to increase their average golf head speed and aid swing speed.

What weight training increases club head speed?

Exercises like squats, deadlifts, and plyometrics are effective in increasing the strength and power needed for a faster swing, offering the benefit of swing speed enhancement.

How can I make my golf swing more powerful?

Focus on improving your overall fitness, technique, and swing mechanics, and consider professional guidance to refine your approach. Incorporate simple drills that improve trail leg stability and power, essential for executing powerful golf shots.

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